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Details Virtual-War-The-Virtual-War-Chronologs-Book-1-Virtual-War-Chronologs-Paperback

Virtual War In a future world where global contamination has necessitated limited human contact, three young people with unique genetically engineered abilities are teamed up to wage a war in virtual reality.

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Details A-Virtual-Augmented-Reality-System-with-Kinaesthetic-Feedback-Virtual-Environment-with-Force-Feedback-System

A Virtual / Augmented Reality System with Kinaesthetic Feedback Virtual reality (VR) technology enables humans to visually observe and interact with computer generated virtual environments (VE), which simulate physical or imaginary surroundings ...

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Details Multi-User-Virtual-Environments-for-the-Classroom-Practical-Approaches-to-Teaching-in-Virtual-Worlds

Multi-User Virtual Environments for the Classroom Multi-User Virtual Environments for the Classroom: Practical Approaches to Teaching in Virtual Worlds highlights the work of educators daring enough to teach in these digital frontiers. Instructors ...

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Details Virtual-Janitor-in-line-kit-Verwendet-in-Kombination-mit-Virtual-Janitor

Virtual Janitor in-line kit Mithilfe des in-line kits kann die Kombination aus Duft-und antimikrobiellen Stoffen direkt über das Fallrohr eingeleitet werden und kontinuierlich für eine hygienische Umgebung sorgen. - Leichte Installation - Unauffällig ...

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Details Virtual-Teams-People-Working-Across-Boundaries-with-Technology

Virtual Teams Virtual Teams, Second Edition emphasizes the importance of focusing first on people rather than technology when trying to make a virtual workplace happen. Successful virtual companies observe the "The 90/10 Rule. " It's 90% people and ...

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Details Building-a-Virtual-Assistant-for-Raspberry-Pi-The-practical-guide-for-constructing-a-voice-controlled-virtual-assistant

The practical guide for constructing a voice-controlled virtual assistentBroschiertes BuchBuild a voice-controlled virtual assistant using speech-to-text engines, text-to-speech engines, and conversation modules. This book shows you how to program the ...

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Details Designing-Virtual-Worlds-New-Riders-Games

Designing Virtual Worlds This is a comprehensive treatment of virtual world design to date, from a pioneers and design consultants. Full description

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Details Virtual-XI

CD: Iron Maiden,Virtual XI

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Details Virtual-Reality

ARILYN Virtual Reality CD

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Details snakebyte-Python-6700V-Virtual-71-Headset-PlayStation-4

snakebyte Python 6700V virtual 7.1 headset (PS4 XONE)

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Details Managing-in-Virtual-Organizations

Managing In Virtual Organizations The virtual organization is a new and dynamic form of organization which is threatening to challenge more conventional forms of business organization. This book explores and simplifies the challenges of managing ...

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Details FBI-Agent-Virtual-Apprentice

FBI Agent "Virtual Apprentice: FBI Agent" introduces readers to an adventurous career in law enforcement. Full description

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Details Virtual-Simulation-of-Radiotherapy-Technology-for-Cancer-Treatment-Patient-specific-Intensity-Modulated-Radiotherapy-IMRT-using-Virtual-Environments

Virtual Simulation of Radiotherapy Technology for Cancer Treatment Cancer is one of the main causes of natural fatalities in the world. It is extensively treated using surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or a combination of those. Due to its success rate ...

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Details HOMIDO-VR-3D-Brille-Virtual-Augmented-Reality

HOMIDO ist ein Plug & Play Virtual-Reality-Headset für Smartphones. Es ist sowohl mit Android und iPhones kompatibel. Hierzu müssen Sie HOMIDO nur in das Smartphone stecken und können über das Headset auf die Virtual Reality Funktionen zugreifen. Sony ...

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Details Future-Cyborgs-Human-Machine-Interface-for-Virtual-Reality-Applications

From its inception as a technology, virtual reality has promised to revolutionize the way we interact with our computers and each other. So far, the reality of virtual reality has not lived up to the hype. This paper explores what the state of virtual ...

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Details Higher-Creativity-for-Virtual-Teams-Developing-Platforms-for-Co-Creation-Premier-Reference

Higher Creativity for Virtual Teams Presents the concept of creativity using virtual teams, demonstrating a specific focus and application for virtual teams. This work offers tools, processes, and frameworks to advance the overall concept that ...

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Details Thumbs-Up-VIRTREALHD-Virtual-Reality-Brille-fr-Smartphones

thumbsUp! universelle Virtual Reality 3D Brille fr Smartphones (3,7 -5,7 Zoll)

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Details Virtual-Enterprise-Integration-Technological-and-Organizational-Perspectives

Virtual Enterprise Integration "Virtual Enterprise Integration: Technological and Organizational Perspectives" is a guide that gives readers a broader perspective of VE integration requirements and raises their awareness on which technology--and how ...